Lecture: “The Interviewers,” December 8

By MFA Interaction Design on November 17, 2008

Mon, December 8, 2008 | 6:00-8:00PM
Join us for the second in our lecture series featuring four speakers giving four talks in forty minutes. Learn from design-minded practitioners from divergent fields on how their interviewing methods help structure and achieve their final products.

Join us for our second lecture in the series, featuring four speakers giving four talks in forty minutes. This month’s topic:

“The Interviewers”
We often see the final result — whether it be a product, a feature film, or a short story. But behind these strong finishes are strong interviewers who conducted bodies of research to inform the outcomes we now enjoy. Whether the fit and finishes of those interviews are visible or not, these interviewers play a pivotal role in shaping the final outcome. Learn from four practitioners how they ask the questions to get the answers they need; how disparate and unexpected research methods can inform the final outcome.


Monday, December 8
White Rabbit
145 E Houston Street (View Map)

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The “Dot Dot Dot” Lecture Series is meant for broad explorations of interaction design, business, and aesthetic inspiration. Practitioners and thought leaders give short talks in an informal setting. Wisdom will be revealed and methods will be shared in a environment intended to satisfy both social and scholarly pursuits.

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