A Meditation Timer

Made by Mischa Fierer Nour Malaeb

Modern meditators often don’t want to use their phones to time their meditation sittings. There is something about the sound of a meditation bowl being struck that makes the meditation ritual complete. Chime is a minimalist meditation timer that strikes an actual meditation bowl at the start and the end of a sitting, allowing the sitter to focus on their meditation and nothing else.

The interface is the bowl itself: rest your hand on it gently for a few seconds, and LEDs will fade in to indicate that Chime has been activated.

Chime is also online, allowing you to set the length of the sitting and see the times of your completed sittings in one convenient place.

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Chime: a minimal meditation minder

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Chime is meant to become a part of meditator's daily rituals.

There is also a web and mobile UI.

Chime - Making Prototype 3

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