Social Planning Chatbot

Made by Jenil Gogari Ashley (Soohyun) Jang

In a lifetime, you make 396 friends, but only 1 out of 12 friendships lasts. People make plans with their social circle every week. People use text or call to make plans and 90% of texts are read within three minutes. These are facts that interested us and we went deeper into it. During our research we came across an interesting problem that made us think...

Coordinating a plan with your social circle is a lot of work, a task, lots of back-and-forth, pain in the ass, a logistical nightmare, a mess, difficult, time consuming, cumbersome and annoying!

Given the complexities of social planning, we started by doing some initial research by reading articles, talking to people, conducting a survey and checking out some existing solutions.

We then moved into qualitative research. We interviewed several people who we chose based off the insights from the previously conducted survey. Finally, we plotted a mind map of the insights and started synthesizing them.

With Cita, we are taking the chaos of group decision making and offloading the work to computers for a seamless experience. We are using natural language processing and texting as an interface to simplify the process of making a plan among a group of friends and making it less frustrating.

Cita can not only coordinate a schedule with your friends, but also make other tasks that you do with your friends easier. Cita is not an app, it works like a person inside your apps wherever your friends are, such as Facebook Messenger, Hangouts, or Slack.

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