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Alumni go on to be the brightest minds in the profession today, doing work in fields as diverse as media, health care, social science, civic tech, education, and more.

Class of 2024

Amogh Gharpure headshot

Amogh Gharpure

Bashayer Algow headshot

Bashayer Algow

Brenda Son headshot

Brenda Son

Clear Shen headshot

Clear Shen

EunJung Yang headshot

EunJung Yang

Fan Fang headshot

Fan Fang

Harshi Rambhia headshot

Harshi Rambhia

Jihye Kim headshot

Jihye Kim

Jinhee Jung headshot

Jinhee Jung

Joel Giambra Jr headshot

Joel Giambra Jr.

Jueun Jeon headshot

Jueun Jeon

Junghye Hwang headshot

Junghye Hwang

Mihira Patel headshot

Mihira Patel

Minahil Kasher headshot

Minahil Kasher

Sukyong Kwon headshot

Sukyong Kwon

Sunwoo Park headshot

Sunwoo Park

Tzuyi Lee headshot

Tzuyi Lee

Valunporn Sithivaraporn headshot

Valunporn Sithivaraporn

Yiran Chi headshot

Yiran Chi

Yixin Chen headshot

Yixin Chen

Yuri Kim headshot

Yuri Kim