[Week 8] I Heart NY

by MFA IXD November 3, 2015

Reblogged from dmxatixd:

This week I took a group trip to Washington Square Park, for Public Interfaces class. Our final project requires us to come up with an intervention in a public space and my group chose NYU’s pseudo student quad, Washington Square Park.

While in the park, I was reminded of why I chose to come to school in New York. Having grown up in Chicago, New York seemed to be the only place stateside that could offer me even more of a city feeling. The sensory overload and the insane amount of people create a space that is full of inspiration and opportunities for intervention, which was exactly what I was going for. Today’s park visit made me realize just how much I appreciate this city. Every delayed train, every person who doesn’t stand to the right and walk to the left, and every park, is a reminder of all the ways design can be used to make NYC even better than it already is, and there’s something quite invigorating about that.

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