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by Elushika W. October 11, 2016

Kohzy and Ted | Interior of Final Frontier Design

Last week, my class had the luxury of visiting Final Frontier Design. Our newly joined faculty member for Future Wearables, Ted Southern is one of the founders. Ted has an interesting background, he started off his career creating wings for Victoria’s Secret and costumes for Cirque du Soleil. What a great start! Then he moved on to winning the Astronaut Glove Challenge by NASA. And now he works for NASA alongside his partner Nikolay Moissev, a Russian space suit designer and Virgil Calejesan, a suit training specialist. 

Space suits at Final Frontier Design

It's been great to say, that one of my instructors works for NASA and he creates space suits and gloves!

Autographed images

Final Frontier Design was a small studio, very neatly organized. They had shelves of gloves, 4 hanging space suits and autographed pictures of astronauts and Victoria’s secret models. Kohzy got the luck of the draw and he was able to wear a space suit. The suit looked heavy, but according to him, it was light. There are so many mechanics and moving parts in the suit. There are tubes, that would give air inside so that the wearer didn't feel stuffy and hot. Every piece had its own purpose, that makes the astronaut walk on the moon a breeze. 

Myself, Julian and Saba; Yes, it felt like a fishbowl

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