Class of 2017 Visits Cooper Hewitt Student Blog

by Elushika W. November 10, 2016

During our Public interfaces class, we visited Cooper Hewitt. For some of us it was the first time and the rest have made their rounds to the museum. The highlight of the visit apart from the "Immersion room" was another exhibition called, "By the People, Designing a Better America." This was showcasing collaborative projects from all over the country.

Dave (Public Interface Instructor) talks to us before we explore the museum

By the People will showcase the innovative and impactful actions generated through design, and inspire creative problem-solving at local, regional, national and even international levels. - Cooper Hewitt

By the People, Designing a Better America was in six different themes—act, save, share, live, make, and learn:

Act: Addressing entrenched environmental, economic and social issues, design can act as a catalyst for change

Save: By building on existing assets—culture, natural and built environments—design can help save what is authentic and essential for communities to thrive.

Share: The design of civic spaces helps under-represented communities and new voices share, both in the physical and digital commons.

Live: This section focuses on improving access to healthcare, clean water and food.

Make: Projects on view examine strategies to engage and develop creative and manufacturing industries.

Learn: Wider access to learning and knowledge to help build more resilient individuals, neighborhoods and regions.

—Cooper Hewitt

The problem spaces in these areas were a mix of poverty, prosperity, innovation, and design in the United States. There were many student projects, including all the way from Tulane University in New Orleans. It is inspiring to see this type of work and see a solution in a problem space. A good motivation for all of us, since we are in thesis year and some of us are challenged to a build a better community.

Eli, Dave and Saba wondering if we could get this in school

Fun in the immersion room

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