Meet the Class of 2018: Alex Frankel, Amsha Kalra, and Amy Ashida

by Jason R. August 25, 2016

Alex, Amsha, and Amy

Meet the 19 students who will make up the Class of 2018. Over the next few weeks, we’ll highlight three incoming students at a time. Today: Alex Frankel, Amsha Kalra, and Amy Ishida.

Alex Frankel

Alex is an Engineer aspiring to be a Designer. 

He attended Lehigh University where he studied Computer Science as an undergrad, dipping his toes in design in his senior year, which triggered this pursuit of IxD. 

After graduating, Alex worked as a Program Manager for Microsoft driving both front-end and back-end projects for an Enterprise Scale infrastructure monitoring tool called Operations Management Suite. 

In his free time, you'll find Alex learning photography, playing soccer, and throwing a Frisbee with his damn cute dog McKinley.

Amsha Kalra

Amsha from a very young age has had a fascination for understanding what motivates people’s choices and how they respond to their environment. This curiosity not only helped her have an innate flare for observing behavioral patterns but also for solving problems in everyday life. This fondness for devising logical solutions led her to study Information Technology. 

During college, she worked on multiple projects that convinced her that mapping user sensibilities and design together provide the key to effective product development. She wanted to understand how different brands leverage this idea, and thus took up a job in Wieden + Kennedy Delhi’s digital function. During her stint in advertising, Amsha has had the opportunity to take up diverse job responsibilities such as User Experience Designing and Interactive Planning, and work with clients as widely different as Nike, Audi, IndiGo Airlines, and Make In India. 

Every day, we spend our days engrossed in technologies that draw us into a two-dimensional world, while reality lurks around the fringes. How does one go beyond sight and touch and tap into different human senses to maximize the capabilities of one’s body and mind? Through IxD at SVA, she hopes to delve into these questions and influence what individuals and societies can accomplish by creating mold-breaking products.

Amy Ishida

Born and raised in Colorado, Amy is an explorer at heart. She grew up in the graphic design world, traveled, worked at music festivals, studied entrepreneurship, and found her passion for asking questions and problem solving. She is fascinated with efficiency and finding unexpected ways to use every day objects. Amy found a new love for design after transitioning from branding and print to UX. Learning to work directly with users and developers to incorporate research, prototyping, and testing inspired her to think beyond the screen to systems and behaviors. She is excited to join the cohort and explore what is possible in the world of IxD at SVA.

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