Meet the Class of 2018: Tyler Gumb, Wei Ting (Wilson) Kuo, Young Jang, and Yue (Lilian) Yuan

by Jason R. August 31, 2016

Tyler, Wilson, Young, and Yue

Meet the 19 students who will make up the Class of 2018. Today we highlight our final four students: Tyler Gumb, Wei Ting (Wilson) Kuo, Young Jang, and Yue (Lilian) Yuan.

Tyler Gumb

Tyler is a Research Coordinator at the NYU Center for Brain Health (CBH), working on a study examining the role of Sleep Disordered Breathing (SDB) as a potential risk factor for Alzheimer's disease. Previously, he worked at the NYU Sleep Disorders Center on a study of the role of nasal pathology in SDB in a population of 9/11 first responders. He has been lead and co-author on numerous publications, including comparison and validation studies of devices for sleep monitoring. These device studies exposed him to the clinical consequences of design decisions. He currently performs database management, statistical analyses, and neuroimaging processing at CBH. 

Although starting at CBH with an interest in pursuing neuroscience research, Tyler gravitated toward more design and technically oriented tasks, such as database management and data visualization. The ideal style of thinking and working for Tyler is almost equal parts artistic and scientific, and he hopes the IxD program will provide him with a robust set of design and technical skills to work in this exciting intersection.

Tyler is a passionate fan of documentary movies, experimental music, and indie games. He loves traveling and recently returned from a month in Japan exploring cat island and hunting for the best soba (Takama in Osaka).

Wei Ting (Wilson) Kuo

Wilson is a Taiwanese designer with a background in industrial design. 

Wilson has worked in startups where he was in charge of product design, mechanical design, and graphic design. This experience inspired him to explore interaction design at SVA. 

When not designing, Wilson enjoys painting and athletics.

Young Jang

Young is a UX designer living in New York. She has actively participated in projects improving local communities at Enactus, an international organization of student, scholars, and business leaders. Having experienced meaningful projects to empower people and lead them to their own success under their circumstances, she is keen to discover problem-solving opportunities and take responsible actions to ensure the solution is sustainable.

Since she moved to New York, she has worked at several design firms, as well as teaching code at PI Art Center. At SVA IXD she hopes to explore leveraging UX insights and tangible/intangible design skills.

Yue (Lilian) Yuan

Yue is a design thinker. Growing up in China, she is curious about a great many things. 

As a user experience professional, she has worked at some of top companies such as Hewlett-Packard and IBM in Shanghai, China, where she published six patents. One of them has been commercially applied in HP Smart Print software tool as an eco solution, which can effectively reduce by up to 55% paper waste. The tool has packaged with most HP printers with an annual distribution estimated at about 30 million copies since 2011. 

Yue is full of passion to create innovative solutions to resolve real-world problems within certain constraints. They could be anything from tangible products to intangible services, artifact to strategy, and single objects to integrated systems. She hopes to broaden her horizon and looks forward to collaborating with people from diverse background.

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