Readi Among Fast Co.Design's Most Innovative Student Design of 2016

by Jason R. October 3, 2016

David Al-Ibrahim, Kohzy Koh, and Elushika Weerakoon's Readi is amongst a collection of student projects Fast Co.Design have called the most innovative student projects of the year.


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Fast Co.Design's annual list of innovative student projects is out and Readi is amongst the select few. The featured projects tackle everything from food waste to high-speed transportation to the smart home.

Readi is a bluetooth speaker, clock, lamp, and forecast system combining routine home technologies in a sleek device that uses wireless data to express daily information. In an emergency, you can flip Readi over to access an FM radio, built-in walkie talkie, and a pre-programed radio service that plays weather updates with the press of a button. In our increasingly turbulent environment, Readi makes sure you're prepared the next time you lose power, face a weather emergency, or can't access cellular service.

Learn more about the inspiration and process behind Readi and keep up with current updates here

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