Meet the Class of 2019: Jennifer (Wen Chun) Wei, Johnson Vinothkumar, and Kate Styer

by Jason R. August 28, 2017

Meet the 20 students who will make up the Class of 2019. Over the next few weeks, we’ll highlight three incoming students at a time. Today: Jennifer (Wen Chun) Wei, Johnson Vinothkumar, and Kate Styer.

Jennifer (Wen Chun) Wei

After graduating from Parsons School of Design with a BFA in Product Design, Jennifer works as an industrial and interior designer in New York City and Shanghai. With interest in user-centric design, she decided to pursue interaction design at SVA to expand her design thinking and techniques. She believes good design is simple and useful, which would make little differences in everyday life and experience. 

During her free time, Jennifer enjoys traveling, scuba diving, doodling, watching movies, cooking, and eating. She loves animals and has a schnauzer as a pet.

Johnson Vinothkumar

What's my story?

Starting at the age of 12, I have spent countless hours sketching on paper. The field of Human Computer Interaction inspires me because it’s the intersection of psychology, design, and technology.

I have diverse interests — architecture, design, culture, fashion — and each field is unique. Nevertheless, all of those fields have a common characteristic: the user. No matter what kind of product we are making, that product has to solve a problem for the user or improve some aspect of a user’s life. The user is a significant factor when it comes to product. Therefore, I would like to concentrate my career on solving problems for users and designing solutions to enhance people’s everyday lives.

Kate Styer

With a background in the nonprofit sector and higher education, Kate's professional work is heavily empathy-driven, focusing on understanding, supporting and problem-solving for unique groups of people facing unique challenges. She is deeply interested in improving technology through better design in fields neglected by the tech world. 

Kate grew up outside of Boston and has lived in Brooklyn since 2010. She holds a BA in English Writing, Creative Nonfiction from the University of Pittsburgh, and is currently excited about politics, restorative justice, and finding the best burger in NYC.

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