Meet the Class of 2019: Ke Hu, Kinza Kasher, Margarita Yong, and Mia Darling Ibanez Risso

by Jason R. August 29, 2017

Meet the 20 students who will make up the Class of 2019. Over the next few weeks, we’ll highlight three incoming students at a time. Today: Ke Hu, Kinza Kasher, Margarita Yong, and Mia Darling Ibanez Risso.

Ke Hu

Born and raised in Harbin, China, Ke Hu received his BFA degree in Design from School of Visual Arts. He learned to implement digital design skills into changing human behaviors during his time at school. He continued to design websites, services and VR product after graduation. While good design requires rational thinking and systematic workflow, he believes great design should reflect an intuition and taste. Now, he is joining MFA IxD to explore deeper which technology and design methods are most effective and sustainable for designated problem.

Ke is interested in painting, sociology, and alpine skiing.

Kinza Kasher

Kinza is a Pakistani-American visual designer and photographer based in New York. While working on web and visual identity projects, it is the “how” and “why” of the projects that drive her designs. Her attention to the “purpose” of every creative solution she works on inspired her to pursue interaction design. She is excited to explore IxD at SVA, and use it to make communication between people and their environments simple in an increasingly complex world.

Margarita Yong

Margarita is a Peruvian-born Chinese designer. She graduated summa cum laude and obtained her BFA in Graphic Design from the Fashion Institute of Technology. Since then, she has enjoyed using design as a means of connecting people. 

Prior to joining the IxD Program, she worked at Cooper Robertson, an architecture and urban design firm, where she collaborated with architects, urban designers, and marketing specialists in various projects ranging from academic and cultural institutions, to cities and gardens. This allowed her the opportunity to refine the way she communicates her design process and ideas to a diverse team of experts. At Infinito, a brand consultancy studio specializing in brand design and strategy, she received first-hand insights into how brands can generate, develop, and communicate ideas connecting users with products or services. She came to the realization that design can serve as a powerful communication tool, with complex information translated into easily understood visual messages provoking authentic emotional experiences. 

At SVA, Margarita is eager to learn about the increasing role of technology within design, and the creative process involved designing interactive products that can directly improve people’s lives.

Mia Darling Ibanez Risso

Mia Darling Ibanez Risso was born in San Francisco, California. She went to primary school in England and traveled throughout Europe as a young girl. Surrounded by languages, cultures, and people of all walks of life at an early age, she cultivated a deep love for the world. 

In California, Risso practiced many disciplines in the arts. She sang in an all-children’s choir, played the trombone in a jazz band, danced in local workshops, painted independently, and played principal roles in theater performances. Whether it be music, dancing, painting, or theater, she has always found a natural sense of expression in the arts. 

Later Mia graduated from Principia College with a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and Studio Art. Her adjudicated senior capstone explored the relationship between Frank O’Hara’s Beat Poetry and Abstract Expressionist paintings in the 1940’s and 50’s. She also studied Digital Media Production and The Language of Drawing in Greece and Turkey. As an environmental activist, Mia participated in a Leatherback Sea Turtle expedition in Trinidad, where she conducted scientific research with her classmates. One summer, she also cycled clockwise 1000+ miles around the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. With the National Outdoor Leadership School, Mia journeyed throughout Baja Mexico on foot, in a sea kayak, and under sail. 

After graduation from Principia, Mia lived in Uruguay for four years where she ran her own web design company. She has created thousands of transformational online experiences for businesses worldwide. It is her core philosophy that people have the infinite potential to manifest their dreams, and the creation of websites acts as a key stepping stone in their pathway towards success. As an MFA Interaction Design student, Mia feels inspired to intertwine a holistic approach in solving issues related to technology. She is ignited by an imaginative and curious desire to blend her multidisciplinary background in the arts with the optimization of digital interfaces.

On her free time, Mia can be found rollerblading, writing poetry, or visiting art museums. She is fluent in Spanish, and speaks French and Portuguese.

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