Summer Classes in Full Swing

by Jason R. August 7, 2017

Our annual summer program gives students and designers the opportunity to further their understanding of the field of interaction design firsthand. Designed flexibly for those contemplating the cost or time commitment of graduate school, this unique offering provides a series of five-week courses and studio visits, that can be pursued individually or all at once. In addition to evening classes, the summer program offers optional scheduled events and tours to nearby New York City design studios.

Credit: Tom Harman

This summer's classes are Practice of Interaction Design, Visualizing Information, Research Methods in Interaction Design, and Mobile UX Design. Students have been working on internal projects as well as with some of New York's most exciting companies, like Creative Mornings, on research and design projects meant to exist and operate out in the real world.

The classes have allowed students new collaborative experiences and the chance to bridge gaps in their practice. Students have studied among designers and doers in hands-on work and theory-based lectures taking their design, research, and interactive programming skills to the next level.

Credit: Jodi Leo

We'll be posting class projects in the coming weeks on our Twitter if you wan't to see all the great work that has come from this year's Summer Intensive!

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