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Sewing Meets Interaction Design

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The class of 2019 has returned to classes. After a summer at companies like Facebook, Alibaba, and Microsoft the second year is back in the swing of things and prepping for thesis. Student blogger Jason Branch updates.

Students learning to sewSecond-year students learning to sew with guest instructor Katie Cobble

Future Wearables, a second year class, hosted Katie Cobble, Head of Pattern Making and Manufacturing at Final Frontier and Design. Katie knows her way around a sewing machine and helped students learn the basics of stitching. Going through the nuances of batching, making seams, and binding, Katie showed students how exactly modern-day fabric gets woven together to make everyday goods. This semester students will be making wearables using a variety of resources. Faculty member Ted Southern‘s class has been instrumental in some of the designs for thesis projects. Previous Future Wearables projects include: Nour Malaeb’s thesis project Relay which won Fast Company‘s Innovation by Design Award for student category.

Second years sewing Professor Ted Southern with studentsSewing with Ted Southern

As their first go-around with the sewing machine before making semester worth prototypes, students were tasked with making a headlamp from scratch.

Student with headlamp1

Students Xiaoxi Yuan and Margarita Yong sporting their headlamps

Stay tuned for end-of-semesters prototypes ranging from social impact wearables to mobility monitors. In the coming classes, students will take a visit to Ted’s studio to see where he make spacesuit articles for NASA.

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