Meet the Class of 2020: Agnes Sunyoung Yoon, Cheonhyun Park, and Chi-Ching Tsai

by Jason R. August 23, 2018

Agnes, Cheonhyun, and Chi-Ching

Meet the 16 students who will make up the Class of 2020. Over the next few weeks, we’ll highlight three incoming students at a time. Today: Agnes Sunyoung Yoon, Cheonhyun Park, and Chi-Ching Tsai.

Agnes Sunyoung Yoon

Agnes is strongly interested in breathing in cold air every morning / a feeling when she writes something with a pencil / pushing herself to boundaries within legal limits / silence under the ocean / imagining being in a little house in the forest in Switzerland / doing yoga / scent of the rain forest / baking almond tarts / infinite challenging / exercising developing physical agility and coordination / olympics /physical-digital explorations.

Over her career she has worked in companies like Braze, Nike, and Vivint Smart home on a variety of digital experiences for brands, services and products, delivering innovative and engaging multi-platform experiences. She is passionate about interaction, innovation and crafting meaningful experiences. She is an advocate for good user experience, structured design, and detailed execution.

She is excited to experiment more and create awesome experiences.

Cheonhyun Park

Cheonhyun has curiosity about people, which led to a career as an interaction designer to solve problems that users face everyday.

After a BFA in industrial information design from Korea University, he started at Samsung Electronics as a UX/UI designer designing and managing communication experiences such as messaging and calling from Galaxy smartphones.

He is excited to expand his understanding of design principles and explore being a designer to solve diverse social problems.

Chi-Ching Tsai

Chi-Ching is a digital product designer and a firm believer in clean and functional design. Specializing in cross-platform UI/UX, she creates simplicity where there was once complexity.

Her interest in interaction design was discovered when she majored in communication design in college. During her study, she felt the spark of new media arts and the connection between humans and technology. She was keen on experiencing the flexibilities and varieties of different design projects. Therefore, she worked as a graphic designer, exhibition planner, and dove into multimedia integration and visual arts after graduation.

After working for two years, her interests have shifted to business strategy and startups. Her work at Pilotfish digital and their UX team brought her knowledge of digital design form interface into hardware perspective. She collaborated with multidisciplinary teams and helped to establish early-stage entrepreneurial strategies and digital product guidelines. Most recently, she applied research and data analysis methods in her design process at Snapask, which broadened her understanding of customers.

She believes empathy leads to good design and hopes to communicate with her users through better solutions.

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