Meet the Class of 2020: Danielle Yoon, Gianmarco Ramos, and Hanzheng (Yohe) Wang

by Jason R. August 24, 2018

Danielle, Gianmarco, and Hanzheng

Meet the 16 students who will make up the Class of 2020. Over the next few weeks, we’ll highlight three incoming students at a time. Today: Danielle Yoon, Gianmarco Ramos, and Hanzheng (Yohe) Wang.

Danielle Yoon

Danielle studied graphic design at Pratt Institute. She worked as a packaging designer at Code and Theory in New York City. Designing product packages, she enjoyed exploring and investigating how she can deliver both practical and welcoming experiences through creativity. Always inspired by welcoming experiences in everyday life, she wants to convey such positive feelings to the general population. Outside of work, Danielle is dedicated to foster care work for cats, and she enjoys a life as a foodie.

Gianmarco Ramos

Gianmarco is a passionate UI/UX Designer from Perú. In his career, he has not only worked in different size companies — either huge organizations or small, local start-ups — but also as an entrepreneur from an early age. As such, he had some adventures creating products from scratch. Aside from design, Gianmarco is also a very efficient HTML, CSS, and JavaScript coder. His multidisciplinary skillset has allowed him to be involved in successful and award-winning digital projects.

All those experiences have turned into a passion. Gianmarco thinks that being a designer is a privilege and it carries a great responsibility. He believes that designers own a unique power to improve people's life quality. And he knows that at SVA, he will achieve the tools to create a positive impact through design.

In his free time, Gianmarco enjoys playing soccer, watching series, reading books, and taking online courses.

Hanzheng (Yohe) Wang

Yohe is an experience designer who enjoys optimizing product experiences and is passionate about creating playful interactions.

He believes Arduino contains infinite potential for self expressing creativity.

He intends to explore how to bring experiments into real life.

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