Meet the Class of 2020: Hao Xian, Hayoung Shin, and Jiya Seo

by Jason R. August 28, 2018

Hao, Hayoung, and Jiya

Meet the 16 students who will make up the Class of 2020. Over the next few weeks, we’ll highlight three incoming students at a time. Today: Hao Xian, Hayoung Shin, and Jiya Seo.

Hao Xian

After learning various media in art and design, Hao found that his passion was to solve social problems by design. Hao believes that what designers should focus on is not cutting-edge technology, but the consequences the technologies bring in. He is also interested in post-humanism, and other ideas and concepts rising with the era of technology.In his spare time, Hao loves to listen to experimental music, read novels and watch musical shows. He realizes that both music and design need the sense of empathy, which a good designer should have.

Hao wants to see this world without prejudice. He wants to be a stereotype breaker.

Hayoung Shin

Hayoung graduated from SVA with a BFA in Graphic Design. She has worked as a Graphic Designer and Visual Designer in several design agencies in New York. In last company, her major responsibility was designing websites for a client. She wants to explore the UI/UX world more deeply.

Hayoung is excited to seek solutions based on both design and digital material. She is fascinated that in the future, new technologies will be come out and based on her experience in SVA she can learn how to adapt design new technologies.

Jiya Seo

Jiya worked as a film and documentary maker, enjoying creative ways to tell unique stories and capture moments. She is a traveler/explorer, having lived and worked in numerous places around the world: London, Paris, Firenze, Seoul, Hong Kong, Dubai, and Bangkok. Jiya graduated from the University of California, San Diego with Psychology B.S.

She is a storyteller. Now she is ready to take the next step and meet the world through interaction design.

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