Meet the Class of 2020: Kaitlin Carano, Leanne Carroll, and Luigi Piccolo

by Jason R. August 29, 2018

Kaitlin, Leanne, and Luigi

Meet the 16 students who will make up the Class of 2020. Over the next few weeks, we’ll highlight three incoming students at a time. Today: Kaitlin Carano, Leanne Carroll, and Luigi Piccolo.

Kaitlin Carano

Kaitlin was born and raised a California girl in the heart of Silicon Valley. Growing up surrounded by equal parts innovation, culture, and nature, Kaitlin was inspired to study the world around her in a holistic manner and consider how everything is connected. Inspired by this interdisciplinary perspective, Kaitlin graduated from Georgetown University with a Bachelor's in Neurobiology and minor in Studio Art.

Since then she has followed a winding path through sales to design strategy to pharmaceutical marketing to fine dining service, with the common link connecting these disparate paths being the desire to better understand the human condition and how to improve it. At every turn, she found herself feeling pulled toward design. Everything about the process seemed to fit her ideal way of working. Design was based in intellectually rigorous research and also creative and brave. And it revolved around having empathy and understanding for other people and using those understandings to try to create new products or services that would fit in their lives. Design seemed to serve as a bridge between Kaitlin's analytical, achieving, type-A left-brain and her creative, empathetic and intuitive left-brain.

Kaitlin is thrilled to finally be answering this call to design with graduate school. She hopes to use design to merge her passions of wellness and creating human connection with the tools to create interactive experiences to facilitate them. In her free time, Kaitlin is a 500hr Registered Yoga Teacher, avid Netflix-er, foodie, women's circle host, and gregarious talker.

Leanne Carroll

Leanne is an art director with a background in Digital Project Management. She has worked in advertising for over six years with a focus on creating native content for digital platforms.

Seeing just how much new technologies have changed how people interact with each other and the world around them sparked her interest in studying interaction design full time. These technologies help people, but they also leave so many others behind. She hopes to design products and services that are inclusive of marginalized communities and areas that have been overlooked.

Leanne grew up in Dublin, Ireland where she earned a bachelor’s degree in International Commerce and a love for a good cup of tea. She has been living in Brooklyn since 2012 where she enjoys reading dystopian novels, drawing cartoons, and attempting to keep up with the endless food the city has to offer.

Luigi Piccolo

For the past nine years, Luigi has worked at a digital agency in São Paulo, Brazil where he designed and produced experiences in a variety of areas. 

Luigi believes that design has finally been recognized by companies and governments, so it is time to show how it can improve lives. For that, we need to better understand how to interact with each other and the places we live.

Luigi is fascinated by all kinds of sports, to comprehend their rules and strategies and especially how they can bring excitement and entertainment to both fans and players. Sports teach us how to compete, to win, to lose and to push our boundaries to the next level. These principles can be applied to everyday life.

At SVA, Luigi is excited to develop new perspectives and meaningful projects through his coursework. Moreover, he looks forward to the great cultural exchange with his classmates and faculty.

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