Presenting the "$1,000 Project" from the Class of 2019

by Jason R. April 4, 2018

Entrepreneurial Design, taught by Gary Chou and Christina Xu, asks first-year students to launch a Kickstarter project that raises $1,000 and gets 50 backers. Last week students launched their Kickstarters and now you can learn more about their projects which run the gamut from galleries for the marginalized to activity kits for the kids, and from underwater photography photobooks to library love letters.

Ke Hu - Shutter, Part 1: Ten conversations on Chinese Art Education

"Shutter" is a conversation-based book that aims to illustrate the Chinese Art Education through casual conversations with many educators behind spotlights of the media. The creator plans to interview 10 junior and senior academia teachers from 7 creative fields.

Jennifer WeiCalling All Nudibranch Lovers: Photobook

A coffee table book featuring high quality and stunning nudibranch photos by 5 underwater photographers around the world.

Angie Ngoc TranUntold: a documentary about student social work in Vietnam

Most of the social changes led by the student volunteer community go under the radar. UNTOLD shares those stories.

Kinza KasherDear Library

Dear Library is a collection of stories, thoughts and ideas from people who share what they love about their libraries. It is a collaborative journal recording the reasons people think their libraries are unique and still very much an important element of our community. 

Mia Darling Ibanez RissoART NOW

ART NOW is a creativity tool designed for kids to easily jump into fun and exciting art activities at home. It's a kit that, through art, helps kids process personal challenges that they may be dealing with at school or during the day.

Crystal Wang and Abhinav SircarFrom 2D to 3D Design: AR/VR Workshops for Designers

A workshop on September 29th, 2018 in NYC to help designers to break into the evolving VR/AR space.

Xiaoxi Yuan - Tagoo

We love traditional culture. We love tattoos. Tagoo is tattoo innovation designs for tattoo lovers who are interested in traditional patterns.

Yumeng Ji - Smash Your Heart Knots

Verbal abuse undermines a child’s self-esteem, damages their ability to trust and form relationships, and chips away at their social skills. "Smash Your Heart Knots" is a participatory art project exploring childhood verbal abuse.

Rachel BalmaSEEN FEAST | A Gathering for Tinnitus

Tinnitus is an invisible condition. Seen Feast is a step towards making sure those living with it feel seen. A celebratory workshop of healing, exploration, and awareness for those in the tinnitus community.

Glenda Capdeville and Paula DanezeAcredite

An illustrated postcard campaign featuring 12 stories of Brazillians and their small acts of social change.

Jason BranchOff the Margins: A gallery for homeless and blind artists

Off the margins is a one weekend pop up art gallery that gives marginalized communities a space to showcase their art in which they get 100% of the proceeds from any sale.

Andrea KangReflect: A Guided Journaling Club for Positive Change

A participatory art project that builds self-awareness and transformation by writing about our emotions. 

Kate StyerVisible Justice, Episode 1: Pre-Production

"Visible Justice" is an animated web series about restorative justice. The primary medium is short, animated video that will be engaging and easy to share across social media platforms.

Margarita YongDescubre: Emerging Peruvian Artsits and Designers

"Descubre" is a Newsprint Magazine that will document and shed light on current Peruvian artists and designers through interviews and studio visits.


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