Student Work Chosen for Two NYC Media Lab Grants Grants supporting the development of new media and technology projects

by Jason R. January 26, 2018

The grant winners of NYC Media Lab's Verizon and Combine grants have been announced and there are winners from MFA Interaction Design!

Yue Yuan and Ning Xu's Brimly, and ​Amy Ashida's Hubble

Amy Ashida, Amsha Kalra, and Christine Lawton's Hubble, which uses computer vision, AR markers, and projection, to make abstract concepts more tangible for elementary students in the classroom, has been awarded a Verizon Grant for the creation of new prototypes, with a specific investment in virtual and augmented reality (AR/VR) and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. Amy, Amsha, and Christine will work specifically with leadership within the Verizon environment, which builds immersive experiences for leading companies in advertising, digital media, professional sports and retail.

Yue Yuan and Ning Xu's Brimly has been awarded the NYC Media Lab Combine Grant, a $25,000 grant supported by the Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment, NYCEDC and NYC Media Lab Member Companies, attempting to launch new ventures and commercialize emerging media technologies in New York City. Brimly is an augmented reality mobile application to help Type 2 Diabetics patients efficiently make better food choices while grocery shopping.

Both grants support the development of new media and technology projects from universities across New York City, linking students and faculty with industry experts. When the programs conclude, students will have the chance to pitch their completed prototypes to corporate member advisors and potential investors. More info on when that happens coming soon.

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