Team Hubble Talks to Verizon News about Progress in the Classroom Also, News on How You Can Help Out!

by Jason R. March 13, 2018

Students Amsha Kalra, Christine Lawton and Amy Ashida were interviewed by Verizon News about their Hubble project which attempts to teach children about the real world using new technologies.

  • Three female students sit around a white desk. On the desk sit a number of glasses, pens, speakers, phones, and a globe.
  • Three female students sit around a white table discussing a diagram drawn on a white piece of paper laid out in front of them all. One student holds a pen in her hand.

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Team Hubble, Amsha, Christine, and Amy, are one of 12 groups participating in the Verizon Connected Futures Prototyping and Talent Development program in partnership with NYC Media Lab, and Verizon News has done a profile on them and their Hubble project in conjunction with Woman's History Month. Hubble is a mixed reality educational kit that combines an augmented reality experience with physical objects. It aims to make abstract concepts more tangible for elementary students in the classroom, and transform the act of sitting around a globe in a classroom into an interactive and digital experience.

The interview explores the origins of the project, the woman pioneers who have inspired them on the journey, and their future plans for this product.

For their next steps, Team Hubble are looking for educators and children ages 5-9 to help them test out their idea! On Sunday, March 18th from 2:00-4:00 PM they will be hosting a playtest at here at the IxD studio in Chelsea. It will be an open-house format where guests will take turns playing through a three-question digital quiz. The quiz itself will probably take around 10-15 minutes. Pizza and a $40 Visa gift card per family are on offer for your time. RSVP now and help out Team Hubble refine and build the best possible product they can!

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