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Recent Alum Featured in Student Showcase Celebrating Graduate Education

Spotlight on Leanne Carroll and her thesis project about bias in artificial intelligence


Leanne Carroll (Class of 2020) was recently featured in AIGA NY’s annual student forum celebrating graduate education. The professional association for design’s New York Chapter highlighted her work in its Fresh Grad showcase, now in its 10th year.

The Strategic Interaction Designer was one of twelve professionals selected, each having recently finished a local or regional MFA, MA, or certificate design program. Due to public safety concerns, Leanne and her cohort are included in a digital gallery in lieu of delivering in-person presentations about their work.


For her thesis, Leanne designed aibell, a support platform for people affected by bias in artificial intelligence (AI) systems.

We are increasingly relying on algorithms to make decisions that impact every aspect of our lives. What news we read, who we date, what our credit limit should be, if we get a job, what our diagnosis is,” explains Leanne. “Women and people of color, in particular women of color, are disproportionately affected by bias within AI systems. This is due to the lack of diversity in teams creating these models and the huge gaps in data used within them.

The digital platform provides a place for people to learn about bias in AI systems and share their experiences in a safe space. It also seeks to track and investigate incidents of bias, and provide people with the tools they need to impact change within these systems.

Read her interview to learn more about why Leanne chose SVA MFA Interaction Design, the highlights of her graduate education, and how aibell informs her design practice moving forward.

While continuing to develop aibell, Leanne is currently pursuing roles in Europe where she can create a positive impact with her research and design for inclusive AI and emerging technologies. Learn more about her work on her website or connect with her on Linkedin for networking and other opportunities.

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