Meet the Class of 2022: Nikhil Singh, Priyal Mehta, and Sarah Ann Jump

by Naomi B. November 18, 2020

Headshots of Nikhil Singh, Priyal Mehta, and Sarah Ann Jump

Meet the students of the Class of 2022! Over the next few weeks, we’ll highlight incoming students, as well as their professional bios and portfolios. Today, get to know our designers Nikhil Singh, Priyal Mehta, and Sarah Ann Jump.

Nikhil Singh

Nikhil aims to tackle real-world problems by creating meaningful user experiences in the form of products and services. With an undergraduate degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering, he recalls that it was serendipity that led him to discover design as his true passion. He is a self-taught designer with over 5+ years of experience working for firms like Zomato, RoundGlass and Landmark Group. 

As an undergraduate student, Nikhil co-authored a research paper titled "Design and Development of an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle" which was submitted to the United States Office of Naval Research in San Diego, CA. During his tenure at RoundGlass as a product designer, he won multiple design awards for building a digital platform that empowers individuals with better healthcare and holistic well-being. 

As a technologist and a designer, Nikhil now intends to invest his efforts in innovating product solutions that can foster an egalitarian society. He firmly believes that the School of Visual Arts can provide him with the right tools to realize that intention. 

In his free time, Nikhil likes to explore new kayaking spots, travel places to capture peoples’ lives using his camera, and read history, philosophy, and politics books.

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Priyal Mehta

Priyal Mehta is an Industrial Designer. She graduated from The Parsons School of Design. Her skills and interest are multidisciplinary and range from rapid sketching, 3D modeling, to graphics, fashion and jewelry design. She has extensive knowledge in creating CAD drawings for set designers, interior spaces, art installations, retail display. She has designed products including toys, furniture, and consumer electronics. 

She believes that designers have the responsibility to understand human needs and behaviors, that are influenced by perception, intuition, and logic, and to create products and systems that elevate user experience and well-being. She loves to give a product/system an identity, an emotional connection to its user. 

And, she often cracks very bad jokes. But who knows this might be a good one.

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Sarah Ann Jump

In her career as a visual storyteller, Sarah Ann Jump used photojournalism to document moments that capture emotion and celebrate everyday life. She told the stories of a husband caring for his wife with dementia, a recovering drug addict’s efforts to break the addiction cycle in her own family, and a mother mourning the loss of her son. Her goal with each story was to promote understanding and empathy. As a designer, she has the same aspiration.

By studying interaction design, she plans on building upon the parallels between human-centered design and photojournalism—which she considers human-centered photography—to help create solutions for the social issues that initially drew her to journalism.After earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Rochester Institute of Technology, Sarah Ann worked at a community newspaper in the rural Midwest as a photojournalist, designer, editor, and manager. A leader in her newsroom, she used design thinking to improve the reader’s digital experience and expand the paper’s reach to new audiences.In her free time, she loves learning new creative media, doing aerial yoga, and using instant film to document her life.

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