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Sometimes creating a visual language can be exactly that: creating the visual representation of a language. When the Interaction Design program began, we worked with The Heads of State who masterfully crafted the identity for our department. All department print materials—from posters to brochures to buttons—have been designed by the unstoppable duo, and they’ve helped guide us on translating those principles to other media.

When we continued to extend their work this month on The Deck, an ad network for reaching creative, web and design professionals, we thought it overdue to mention the custom lettering they did for the program.

They used Gotham in many of the early versions of the brand (and ultimately in the final version as well) and the connect-the-dot lettering ended up being based on Gotham but with some adjustments. “We wanted something that could communicate a number of metaphors but would primarily look clean and eye-catching,” Jason Kernevich, designer, commented. “We wanted it to feel more like interaction than literally being about interaction.”

Photo of alphabet using custom type font created for IXD program by Heads of State design firm. Sans serif font is blue with orange dots.

The full alphabet

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