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Amit Pitaru in The Atlantic

Kitchen Table Coders, a weekly salon/workshop in Brooklyn, is the brainchild of faculty member Amit Pitaru and fellow creative coder, David Nolen. This week, The Atlantic featured an article written by Steven Heller on the project, detailing how the duo have established a learning environment that applies the conceptual thought process of creative coding to a broader range of topics, with the real priority being the intimacy of the format.

“We modeled it after our ideal teaching environment,” Pitaru says about the genesis, “which means we only take as many students as can fit around our kitchen table (a maximum of five, because the small number is ideal for group-thinking). The seating arrangement is important, as we all get to talk and look at each other rather than face a big projection on a wall.”

After learning to code in the traditional setting of a Computer Science undergraduate degree, I was a little skeptical beginning Amit’s Coding Slowly course in the first semester. However, it turned out to be much more physical, playful and philosophical than my experience would have ever lead me to believe as possible through software development.

Regardless of whether, you’re new to code or a seasoned pro, I have no doubt that a workshop with the Kitchen Table Coders will inspire you as much as it will educate.

Tom Harman

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