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Announcing MEET-IXD, February 24-25

Announcing MEET-IXD, an event that brings together prospective employers with students seeking opportunities. Introducing a new kind of get together.

MEET-IXD is an event for professionals to meet students from the MFA Interaction Design program at SVA to exchange ideas, reveal opportunities in employment, and meet over shared interactions. Traditional recruiting fair it is not, MEET-IXD brings down the boundaries between students and employers in a series of conversations. We welcome all prospective employers to register.

Who is it for?

Employers interested in hiring or engaging with graduates or current students in interaction design for full-time or part-time job opportunities and internships.

Who will be there?

MFA candidates in interaction design at the School of Visual Arts, prospective employers and guest lecturers. See a full list of attendees.

Is it a job fair?

We believe that one-sided job fairs aren’t quite fair. Where once employers reviewed potential and appropriate students, students at MEET-IXD can also choose potential and prospective employers to meet with. It’s not just students who are discussing ideas that matter, but employers too.

When is it?

MEET-IXD 2011 is a day-long event on Friday, February 25. The event commences with an informal cocktail hour the evening of Thursday, February 24, where students and employers can meet for the first time before the day begins.

Register to attend this free event.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

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