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Barton presents BIKE IT!

Image of a hand holding a phone facing a bus stop ad for a proposal making it culturally acceptable to dress down at work so workers wouldn't go to the office sweaty in business attire.

Recently Jake Barton presented BIKE IT! at GOOD Design NYC, presented by GOOD at Nau, a showcase for ways design can serve New York. Local Projects asked, “How can we get more people to ride their bikes?”

Barton proposed that the real problem with biking is a physical one: People don’t like to go to work sweaty. Barton pointed to Cool Biz, a program that’s already underway in Japan and in other places like Denver, making it culturally acceptable to dress down in the workplace so buildings don’t have to keep the AC cranked. The same dress code changes could be made to allow people to stay cooler after they biked to work, reasoned Barton.

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