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Behavior Sensing: Robert Fabricant on “Augmented Mindfulness”

At last week’s SXSW Interactive Festival, attendees heard from faculty members Rachel Abrams, Robert Fabricant, Chris Fahey, Chloe Gottlieb, and Jeffrey Zeldman, while others—from Liz Danzico to Karen McGrane to Jason Santa Maria—were in attendance.

While we wait for more reflections and recaps from the five-day festival, Robert Fabricant is already digging deeper with a short video explanation on “Augmented Mindfulness,” a concept he brought up in his talk at SXSW.

See the video and view slides from his presentation at design mind.

Slide 16 from “Design for Awareness: Mobile Technologies & Health.” Image has illustrations of guys in blue on black background.

Slide 16 from “Design for Awareness: Mobile Technologies & Health.”

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