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A Cab Ride with Rachel Abrams

Interior passenger seat shot looking out of a NYC yellow cab at traffic in front of the cab. USed for article about the act of hailing a cab in NYC.

Faculty member Rachel Abrams’ in-cab interview with Cassim Shepard, editor of UrbanOmnibus, investigates the routines involved in an iconic New York act—riding a yellow cab—and what they may reveal.

“So, everyone knows what’s involved in taking a taxi. But sometimes breaking down even the most obvious of processes into their constituent elements can provide insights into how design thinking can reimagine, and improve, everyday experiences. She (Rachel) took us on a cab ride in mid-summer 2009. Through her design thinker’s lens, Rachel’s understanding of the basic elements of daily transactions can offer insight, suggesting the touch-points where technology can usefully, appropriately, seamlessly intervene.”Read and listen to the interview

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