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Changing Perceptions

Each week, Interaction Design’s Social Media Officer Sana Rao will curate a story from the incoming first-year class. This post comes from Joonseo Bae.

Prior to SVA, my perception of interaction design used to be technology heavy, screen-based, and commercial. It might have been because I started to notice interaction design after the iPhone had become really integrated into our lives. Now, I believe interaction design is about users, human-centric design, psychology and behaviors.

This semester, I am learning the value of social networking. I have never been into blogging or Twitter, but now it’s something I want to become comfortable with and good at. I didn’t see much value in writing and sharing on my social network before, but now I feel it will be valuable if I could make a habit of writing and sharing my thoughts on my social networks because it will help me shape my identity, my thoughts and opinions. This very valuable lesson came from our Entrepreneurial Design class with Gary Chou and Christina Cacioppo. This class has challenged my preconceptions, personality, and values through the assignments, what we learn, talk and read about.

So, if I were to give advice to prospective graduate students, I would say, come with an open mind, and be prepared to be challenged in all aspects of your life.

Joonseo Bae

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