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Core77: Students Eye the High Line

In an article for Core77, Russ Maschmeyer reviews final projects students created for the High Line as part of the Design in Public Spaces course:

Our instructor, Jill Nussbaum (Executive Creative Director, R/GA), had tasked each of five teams with examining the rise of ubiquitous technology and how it might alter our everyday experiences with and relationships to place. Each team would spend the next few weeks imagining some variety of technological/ wearable/ networked/ immersive/ social experience for the High Line, to augment its already impeccably carved public architecture. Her brief insisted “interaction designers are critical to crafting these location-aware experiences.”

Story View concept project that envisions replacing coin operated binoculars with interactive displays that provide short stories and info on whatever the user is looking at.

Story View by Jeff Kirsch, Colleen Miller, and Evinn Quinn updates the idea of a traditional coin operated binocular viewer to provide visitors access to short spoken-word stories and historical facts about the High Line and the surrounding city as they look through the viewfinder.

To see this project and many more, visit the students page.

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