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Dead ends & flights of fancy lead to intriguing combinations & mutant products with itchy promise…

dead ends and flights of fancy 1

One of Matt Jones’ magnifying glass photos of the group at the workshop.

Matt Jones of the London design consultancy BERG co-hosted the Hopeful Monsters workshop during the IxD Summer Intensive program. The following is an excerpt from Matt’s blog post reflecting on his experience.

The two days started with thinking-through-drawing exercises we like to call “Hopeful Monsters” based around an exercise we’ve described on the blog before, and other drawing activities around generating ‘Inbreds and Hybrids’ that we were introduced to by our friend Matt Ward from Goldmsith’s Design faculty. Initial thinking and brainstorming about cheap, ubiquitous, mundane technologies leads to fantastic leaps as the participants draw on the whiteboard. As always there are dead ends and flights of fancy – but, as always – there are a couple of intriguing combinations and mutant products that have an itchy promise to them…

Continue reading Matt’s blog post at BERG London.

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