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Designing Obama: One Week Mark

One week ago, former Design Director for the Obama Campaign, Scott Thomas, launched his book, Designing Obama, during his lecture on “USAbility” as part of the Fall Lecture Series at MFA Interaction Design. A work of collaboration, Designing Obama is a chronicle of the art and design from the historic campaign. The 360-page full color book includes a forward by the co-founder of the MFA Interaction Design program, Steven Heller, and Pentagram’s Michael Bierut. To date, it is one of the most well-funded and successful projects on Kickstarter, an online platform where people can pledge to good “ideas and endeavors.”

Photo of a blue book with the Obama campaign logo in the center for an article about the design behind Obama's presidential campaign. Grey Text on white background reads: Designing Obama - The Book

Faculty member Rachel Abrams reviews the Scott Thomas lecture for techPresident, and praised the work for bridging the gap between campaigners and the populace.

“This time, their success lay in, amongst other things, aligning the design philosophy for the online experience with what the candidate would stand for in office: Promising transparency, responsiveness, public focus, agility, coherence and consistency of purpose and presentation.”

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