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Dot Dot Dot “The Service Designers” Lecture Videos

Videos from the last Dot Dot Dot lecture “The Service Designers” are up courtesy of The UX Workshop.

Jennifer Bove, Kicker Studio, San Francisco
“I think there is something to be said for including your participants in the creation (of participatory design), but also giving them the accountability for the success of the service. Because then they would be more likely to create more successful services.”Chendar Fruchter, 311 NYC Information
“What the people want the government to do and what the government does, don’t match up a lot of the time.”Sylvia Harris, Information Design Strategist, NYC

“We’ve learned that visitor information is not about signs. It’s about the integration of a lot of input that creates the total experience for the visitor, and that the visitor doesn’t make a distinction between these touch points. It’s signs and people and information and brand that all come together and add up.”Jun Lee, ReD Associaties, NYC
“We really changed the conversation with these senior people (at Lego) about what they need to do in terms of going from evil toys that are quick, have sparkly lights, or designed for kids with no attention span to focusing on toys that are challenging, have more pieces. The amount of interest in challenges and mastery is much higher than they had assumed about kids.”

Lectures will resume in fall at the Department in an intimate weekly series. Confirmed speakers include: Andy Budd, Clearleft, Kim Goodwin, Cooper Design, Michael Lebowitz, Big Spaceship, Peter Merholz, Adaptive Path, Rob Tannen, BresslerGroup, Scott Thomas, Obama for America, and more. Seating will be limited, and attendance by RSVP only.

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