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"Entrepreneurial Design": An introduction by Christina Xu

This semester, I’m co-teaching a really exciting course at SVA with Gary Chou and Leland Rechis called “Entrepreneurial Design”. This afternoon, when we meet our 19 students for the first time, will be my first real teaching experience ever. Look, mom, I’m a real facultus!It is lucky that the course is so up my alley. Though it’s a mandatory first-year class for the Interaction Design department, we won’t be going over UX best practices or fabrication techniques. Instead, it’s part master course in the soft skills necessary for making it in the real world, part counseling to help the students figure out what they reallywant to be doing after graduation.

This is just an excerpt. Don’t miss the full introduction of “Entrepreneurial Design” which details assignments, final projects, and gives links to past projects, the syllabus, and the current student blog! 

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