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Yankees + BERG Little Printer


Thermal printed baseball game ticket, Cooper Smith

Yankee Stadium sees a variety of fans, from first-time visitors to the diehard Bleacher Creatures, each with their own motives and desires for attending a game. Moreover, attendance at games often feels like a singular experience, with little connection to previous games attended. My goal was to help connect the wide range of fans to their shared role in the story of the Yankees, both at Yankee Stadium and after they’ve left.

The first step was to create an in-stadium app that allowed the fans to check in to their seats and contribute cheers, photos, and other memories, transforming the baseball game into a social object, both past and present. The second aspect created an experience outside of the individual phone screens by utilizing the large public screens of the stadium to highlight loyal attendees, feature fan photos, and even transform fans into stadium-wide infographics.

The third portion of the project, featured here, examines the evolution of paper tickets to the screens of our cellular phones, and what that means to the ticket stub. A ticket to Yankee Stadium serves both a utilitarian purpose in allowing a fan access to the stadium, while simultaneously acting as a nostalgic artifact of previous games attended. Not only was I interested in preserving the ticket stub, but also, adding additional elements of utility and whimsy by customizing each ticket to the unique history of the individual fan.

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