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Exploring the car user experience

“Each year, New York drivers spend 42 hours stuck in traffic.“—2010 Urban Mobility Report, Texas A&M University

Here in New York City where public transport is ubiquitous, people have less exposure to some of the challenges faced by every day drivers. As a continuation of his previous work in mobile, Min Seung Song, MFA candidate and UX designer, is taking on the convergence between mobile technology and cars.

Photos of car interiors from a UX pattern site
Photos of car interiors from a UX pattern site

car interior, UX pattern site

As part of his thesis exploration, he’s logging artifacts that document the current state of car user experience. Car-UX is the first collection of its kind, cataloging interiors in this way.


Car-tweet exploration

Car-tweet, a prototyping showing one speculative future for the car experience, presents supplemental information for drivers using a combination of smartphone and a car’s windshield.

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