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Faculty in the News: Product Design, Renegades, and Shortcuts in Web Design

Jeffrey Zeldman’s Web Standards Advisor Launches
Yesterday, Jeffrey Zeldman launched Web Standards Advisor, an extension for Adobe Dreamweaver. It’s intended to help beginning and intermediate coders “write smarter, more compliant markup that makes site content easier to find.” It’s also intended to help coders using Dreamweaver at any level who know about web standards but don’t want to spend a lot of time thinking about it, or site owners who want to run the product on their own site. Congratulations to Jeffrey on this great accomplishment, helping people make website content easier to find! We delighted that Jeffrey is part of the faculty, teaching “Selling Design” in the second year of the program.

“The New Journalism: Goosing the Gray Lady”
This week, Steve Duenes was named among the renegades who have been bringing readers “a series of audacious new features” in by New York Magazine. Word Train, one such feature, asked readers to submit the words that best described their moods, and what might seem at first un-Timesian is getting quite a lot of attention. We proudly congratulate Steve and are honored to welcome him as part of the faculty, leading a course on Information Visualization.

“Making Modular Layout Systems”
Jason Santa Maria, building on some of the CSS that “Eric Meyer employed a few years back on the A List Apart design,” created a set of classes to use to achieve variety for different content in layout out webpages. He teaches his methodology in a recent 24 ways article, and you can see how he’s putting it to use on (Jeffrey Zeldman published Recession Tips For Web Designers on 24 Ways as well.) Congratulations to Jason; we’re looking forward to Jason joining the faculty to teach Communicating Design in the fall of 2009.

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