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Vision for sustainable NYC

Imagine how embedded sensors, personal digital technologies, and live data can be used to promote the goals of PlaNYC; Bloomberg’s bold vision for a sustainable New York.

That was the challenge of the first-year batch, featured in Core77 this week. The article submitted by Tom Harman and Tash Wong, students from the batch, showcases the result and the reflections on Design in Public Spaces course that assigned the challenge.

The course was taught by Jill Nussbaum, faculty and Executive Director of Product and Interaction Design at The Barbarian Group in collaboration with PlaNYC.

PlaNYC is an aspirational vision that touches the lives of every New Yorker. The ideas we presented begin to scratch the surface of incorporating digital technologies into city initiatives. Through this project, we learned to navigate the scale of the city’s ambition, combine it with our own observations, and craft a compelling narrative to explain our ideas. As designers, our takeaway is the realization that we have the potential to seriously impact the long-term development of our cities.

Read the article on Core77.

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