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Interaction 10: Day Two

Sunshine, student competitions, sparks from Tom Igoe, and a stunning finish from Paola Antonelli, Evinn Quinn recaps Day Two’s highlights.

Conference schedule and MFA IXD business card from the second day of the Interaction 10 conference.

Today kicked off interaction 10 Day Two. There were even more things to do, and the weather cleared up. Today we started off with the opening keynote by Enzio Manzini, and then swiftly moved to Shelly Evenson. I was interested in the talk that she gave. I was preempted, by my cybernetics teacher Paul Pangaro, to observe her talk. She spoke about systems and the conversation, which is a very interesting and relevant concept that is involved with our studies. Tom Igoe again sparked thoughts of interaction design through the use of physical computing. Speaking on intellectual property and how product manufacturing is a combination of multiple lines of intellectual property and how it is becoming dispensable. He views this as a problem, suggesting that because things are privatized and copyrighted, there is more development and waste of things that accomplish similar goals. He views this as a primary reason that the landfills are progressively getting bigger. I was also very interested in the student competition. The students were to apply with a concept that was to be judge upon entry. The second phase of competition was to attend a design charette, which is a design competition, focused on a specific topic. The topic for this challenge was social networking. The students had 8 hours to come up with a concept. Social networking can mean many things. In the context of these projects it could be as physical as a concert or as literal as this conference were attending. The content was great and the presentations were awesome. Followed by the presentations was the final speaker for the evening Paola Antonelli, curator for the Museum of Modern Art, in our very own New York City spoke about design and interactive art can communicate with us in various ways and the roles that designers play in that space. It was a good talk to end the evening. Now, on to the Microsoft-sponsored event!

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