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Introducing Typedia

Typedia, “a shared encyclopedia of typefaces,” launches with help from faculty members Jason Santa Maria (Design) and Khoi Vinh (Design) and many more. The new site aims to revolutionize font creation and curation, and is sure to be the ultimate treat for typographers.

Jason Santa Maria relates the origin of Typedia: “I can’t count how many times I’ve labored over looking for just the right typeface—from the right era, in the right style, or with just the right aesthetic qualities. This is often a frustrating process of hopping between sites and books with different criteria for organization, and most times, only involves the typefaces that a company sells. Typedia can be agnostic and unburdened to catalog typefaces from any library.”

Screenshot of Typedia webpage showing the various fonts that can be used by typographers.

Screenshot of Typedia Homepage

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