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Jake Barton to speak at Pioneers of Change

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New York City

About Pioneers of Change:

Pioneers of Change encourages a more responsible and sustainable approach to living. The event celebrates the blurring of low- and high-brow, establishing new collaborations, encouraging involvement and valuing handcraft and the local context.

Since the economic downfall, the notion of luxury has come under attack. Pioneers of Change does not apply the luxury tag to an ethos of riches as such but to qualities now hard to come by, including space, fresh air, respect, care, silence, slowness and time.

The event will be kicked off on September 10th with open talks. Visitors can listen and debate, watch and participate, relax and think, eat and drink, play their music, be inspired, connect and, simply, enjoy. They can also shop at the pop up store of affordable Dutch design ware, all under 100 dollars.

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