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Karen McGrane: Tomorrow Needs Content Strategy

Leading up to IDEA2010 at the end of the week, Karen McGrane makes a few distinctions about content strategy—its place today in user experience and its role overtime—in an interview on her upcoming IDEA presentation. Karen, along with chair Liz Danzico, faculty Jeffrey Zeldman, MFA candidate Erin Moore, as well as numerous past guest lectures will all present at the conference this year as speakers and panelists.

One of the best descriptions of content strategy I’ve ever heard is “information architecture over time.” I think there’s a great number of things that may happen to a website’s content over time, causing it to change and evolve as users work together to create and maintain more and more content, and it’s not always clear whose job it is to maintain and weed out all that content. So I think content strategy is really looking across the content’s entire life cycle, not just at the current moment. – Karen McGrane, IDEA2010 interview

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