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Khoi VInh on Creative Hiring at Coroflot’s Confab

Khoi Vinh will be speaking at tomorrow’s Creative Confab event (taking the place of Liz Danzico while she attends SVA’s Commencement Ceremony). [Khoi has] done a lot of hiring over the years, including the majority of the current 12-person design department he currently runs at the Times, and has some very clear ideas about what constitutes a good hire, and how to find them.

Vinh, along with three other top-of-their-field designers and recruiters, will be delving into the tricks and trials of creative hiring from both the job-seeker’s and talent-seeker’s perspective during the Confab event. It also offers the chance to meet and trade notes with some of the best design firms and creative professionals in the Tri-State area. See the Confab page over on Coroflot for more details, and registration information.

Coroflot’s Creative Employment Confab
May 15th, 2-5PM
Art Directors Club
106 W 29th St. @ 6th Avenue, New York City

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