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Lesson #1 in Interaction Design: Be intentional

Lesson #1: Be intentional.

Erin Moore, Class of 2012

Designing for real people will always be unpredictable. people are fickle; we get confused; we hang on to bad habits; and we outgrow even the most amazing design solutions. I’ve realized that as long as humans continue to be human, I will continue to find myself in situations where the design I thought was “just right” is now totally wrong.

The best I can do is stop trying to be right, but instead wake up every day and do the harder work of being intentional. It’s important to understand why we are doing something—and be deliberate about the course of action that leads us to our final solution—then, to have the persistence and flexibility to grow and change alongside the people we design for.

Erin Moore is a Designer at Twitter, San Francisco, CA, USA.

This post is part of an ongoing series this month.

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