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Meet the Class of 2015: Sneha, Nga, Jeffrey

Sneha Pai

Sneha Pai is an animator and designer from Washington D.C., by way of Mumbai, India, and Cupertino, California.

When deciding on career paths as a teenager, she was torn between pursuing medicine and the visual arts. Luckily, after studying Experimental Animation at the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) and working as a medical animator at the Simulation and Training Environment Lab (SiTEL) at MedStar Health in Washington D.C, everything came full circle. As part of an interdisciplinary team of artists, programmers, game designers, and medical professionals, she has created interactive graphics and animations for various technologies including 3D medical anatomy simulators, device trainers, and scenario-based clinical modules that enable physicians and residents to practice a wide variety of procedures in a virtual game environment. She has also taught undergraduate courses in traditional and digital animation at MICA in Baltimore, Maryland.

Sneha’s interests are in enhancing learning and development for all ages through the use of interactivity and storytelling. She comes to SVA to investigate and understand users and their complex interactions and experiences in the healthcare setting and beyond.

Nga Nguyen

Nga joins the MFA Interaction Design Program as a practicing fashion designer based in New York City. Her fascination with human nature, science, technology, and how these all fit into the modern paradigm drives her to explore the field of IXD to learn and acquire new sets of skills as tools to garner new insights while reshaping her design future to evolve creatively in a more meaningful and effective way.

Jeffrey Gochman

Jeffrey was born and raised in New York. Growing up, he was interested in exploring his creative skills. In high school, Jeffrey took a wide range of classes including ceramics, paintings, figure drawing, and digital photography where he felt like he was able to express himself through his art.

Jeffrey graduated with a degree in Information Technology from Syracuse University. This is where he learned to use the web as a tool to express himself. Upon graduation, Jeffrey accepted a position as the Web Design and Production Analyst for Optimum Lightpath where he was in charge of the design and development of the company’s interactive content. He also started his own company with an old colleague, creating a premier online marketplace for freelance writers.

Currently, Jeffrey lives and works in New York City. He is an interactive designer at 1stdibs, where he works on user experience interaction by developing prototypes, mockups, and wireframes and designing key elements for the company’s website.

In his free time, he does freelance work where he focuses on improving client sites by designing different user experiences on the web to augment their companies’ branding. Clients have ranged from spas, make up artists, nutritionists, medical suppliers to social media companies. Jeffrey also enjoys bike riding through New York taking photos of the exciting city.

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