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Meet the Class of 2015: Will, Matt, Luke

Will Dai

Will is a multimedia designer who was originally a Beijing native. In 2007, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue further education and a career in art and design. His work primarily focuses on photography and 2D design solutions across platforms. His international background has constantly challenged him to apprehend a wide range of cultural heterogeneity and political awarenesses. A macro understanding of time and history Will has assimilated has helped him greatly along his studies, his work as a designer, and his personal life.

Since his completion of a BA degree in fine arts at USC in 2011, Will has worked on projects for various clients including Diageo, UnitedHealthcare, and DIRECTV at his cubicle advertising job. He also runs his personal design studio named Ate Monsters, and has taken on projects with production companies such as the CW network and Strand Releasing.

All the serious talk aside, Will is mainly just a warm, fun, and energetic youngster that enjoys living and creating. He’s a camera addict: taking photos is his way of journaling, remembering, and retelling. Will also dabs in making music – he plays the keys, the guitar and he sings. He is an avid biker in a city where no one ever gets out of their cars. It’s not easy competing with the horrible traffic in Los Angeles – he’s got scratches and scars to show for it.

All in all, Will is a self-proclaimed renaissance man with ample optimism and a touch of daredevil-ness. SVA MFA Interaction program outlines a playground for creative minds and intellectual communications, and he believes that’s exactly what he longs for. He’s ready to play, to learn, to grow, and to explore ideas and visions that he has yet to, and last but definitely not least, to make new friends.

Matt Brigante

Growing up Matt was heavily influenced by his native city of Buffalo’s rich architectural and creative history. These experiences led to an interest in the environments and interactions designed consciously and unconsciously in the everyday life.

Matt graduated from the University at Buffalo in 2012 with a Bachelors degree in Communication Design, which included a term at the Cambridge School of Art in England, where he honed his skills in typography and type design.

After graduating he went on to participate in DesignCities, a design expedition held in Berlin by DesignInquiry and the Design Research Lab. This exposure deeply impacted his decision to pursue Interaction Design at the School of Visual Arts.

In his spare time, Matt enjoys traveling and exploring new and different cultures. He is also an avid hockey fan.

Luke Stern

Growing up in New York City with two artistically inclined parents, Luke was always doomed to follow a path in the arts. After a long love affair with architecture that ended amicably at Vassar College, Luke turned his sights on sculpture and quickly succumbed to the allure of working intimately with his hands. This relationship blossomed, causing the creation of many sculptures but has also led to working with bicycles and ultimately employment in the design and build world.

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