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Oh Sh!t, I Have to Make It Now. Stories of Becoming a Creative Entrepreneur


Credit: Tash Wong

Alumni Tash Wong(Class of 2013) gave a talk recently at Typo SF, a major design conference inSan Francisco of around 900 attendees. The talk, titled “Oh Sh!t, I Have toMake It Now. Stories of Becoming a Creative Entrepreneur”, chronicles her “journeydown the bumpy path of creative entrepreneurship…finding focus through thedecisions, accidents and the euphorias of creating a company and designing alife.” It focuses itself mainly on Coastermatic,her company that prints Instagram images on to ceramic coasters, which startedas a project right here in her Entrepreneurial Design class.

Communication Arts also recently interviewed Tash where she shares her thoughtson the similarities between her spatial design roots, her grad schoolexperience in interaction design and her current role as an entrepreneur, aswell as plans for her future and advice for designers who want to strike out ontheir own.

Keep up with all things Tash and Coastermatic right here.

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