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On Stage at the 2015 NYC Media Lab Summit


Credit: Josh Sucher

The NYC Media Lab’s Annual Summit tookplace over the weekend, described as “a snapshot of the best thinking,projects, and talent in digital media from universities in NYC and beyond.”Media executives, technologists, and decision makers from all over the worldare allowed the chance to explore interesting, new technologies andapplications related to the future of media on a day that includes lectures,workshops, and prototype demos.

We had a strong showing at this year’ssummit with Head of Innovation and Student Advisor EricForman leading a workshop titled “Behind the ScenesPrototyping Interactive Art & Design,” dealing with the explosion of the makerculture and its impact on how an idea is taken from concept to prototyping toproduction.

Marcelo Mejia Cobo and Josh Sucher, along with MFAProducts of Design’s Belen Tenorio, did a demo of their “brain-sensing,environment-augmenting, focus-enhancing” lamp Clara which “catalyzes creativityand then, post-eureka, fosters focus.” Clara was so well received at the eventit has also managed to attract the attention of Motherboard.

Learn a little more about how Clara was madeand how she does all those amazing things here.

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