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Rethinking the Parking Sign

Paper prototype for testing Nikki Sylianteng's redesigned parking sign concept

Paper prototype for testing Nikki Sylianteng’s redesigned parking sign concept

Alumni Nikki Sylianteng is redesigning the parking sign, and needs your help:

I’m testing out a redesign for the ubiquitous but notoriously confusing parking sign. I’m going guerrilla-style and targeting innocent signs, starting with the one under my window. I want to get feedback from real drivers and people like you.Business Insider featured the redesign recently, calling it “easy to use,” and even submitted a suggestion of their own:It’s easy to use: Just check the day and time, and see if parking is allowed, and for how long. We’d suggest breaking up the Monday-Friday block, since on many streets, parking isn’t allowed on Tuesday and Friday mornings, for example. But that wouldn’t be a major change.

Nice work, Nikki! Sign up to go along for the ride.

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